About Us

Oak Hill Appliance is a locally owned and operated, highly reputable appliance repair company with its origin dating back to 1981. At Oak Hill Appliance we take pride in our top notch repair work and our exceptional customer service.

Our technicians are highly accomplished in our industry and bring a plethora of experience to be used to solve your appliance problem. Not only that, they are friendly and courteous!

Consider us for your appliance repair needs.

  • We will provide you with a proper and honest diagnosis, cost estimate and competent repair.
  • We will fix your appliance right at a fair price.
  • We strive to provide our customers with the best value in our industry.

Hire us to keep your appliance alive and out of the land fill.

  • We will save you money and truly help reduce environmental pollution.
  • Repair not only reduces landfill refuse, but also eliminates the considerable amount of energy required to manufacture and ship (usually internationally) a replacement unit.
  • We believe that keeping an appliance in good running condition throughout its useful lifetime is an environmentally conscious philosophy. We can help you make that happen.
  • Appliance Repair keeps some really nice people employed in our local economy!!